Diwali Puja Shubh Muhurat 2022

Diwali Puja Shubh Muhurat

The 2022 date of Diwali Puja Shubh Muhurat is ok But everyone has a big choice in the date of Diwali Celebrate 24 or celebrate 25 when we celebrate. Diwali Has a hand constellation and there is a new moon. That’s when the festival of Deepawali is celebrated this year on the 25th date due to the solar eclipse.

Our Deepawali will start on 24th Because on 24th it is Chaturdashi till 5:27 pm. after that 25th of October 4.18 pm till that is new moon after the new moon is end In this time we can celebrate. the festival of Deepawali can celebrate Diwali festival So on the 24th when we do Diwali puja its the right time which from 6:53 in the evening. The best time till 8:16 in the night is You worship Mahalakshmi in this Muhurta Gautam swami can worship At this time with full devotion he does worship and can meditate with god with worship after that one Abhijit Nakshatra comes.

Diwali Puja Nakshatra

In this Abhijit Nakshatra who want to shop That Abhijeet Nakshatra will start from 11.59 am minutes up to 12.46 pm what you want to buy for home Buy it in Abhijeet Nakshatra Apart from this there is another constellation. Another Muhurta is Vijay Muhurta which is from 2:18 pm to 3:04 pm. You can also shop in And you can also buy the materials of worship at this time. After this there is another Muhurta is called dusk (evening time) (evening time) starts at 5.58 pm and will last for 6:22 minutes You can also do house worship during this time.

Diwali Puja Shubh Muhurat 2022

You can also worship God after evening 6:10 to 7:24 is also good time At this time also you can do Pooja and aarti After this Nishita Muhurta At night from 11:58 pm to 12:48 am you can do worship and aarti, meditation, self-contemplation. There are some such Muhurta, in this Muhurta, you are happy Diwali. can celebrate with auspicious spirit May this Diwali be in your auspicious time good work be good That’s why I have told you the gestures here.

Diwali Puja Nakshatra 2022

kids in Abhijit nakshatra can buy some pens for kids For her husband in Vijay Muhurta You can buy anything from the merchant after that evening time. We can buy anything related to the house In the evening we too. We can also buy the material of worship which is in the family in a good way. what is the time of night At this time we can do aarti dharma meditation and chant May this auspicious time be auspicious for you for Diwali be benevolent this is our feeling.

Diwali Puja Shubh Muhurat for Hain

This festival is for you to celebrate on the 24th only. But the one who is Jain is in the morning on the 25th. At the time of Nirvana of Lord Mahavir Swami in Brahma Muhurta Ladoo can dedicate After that, if anyone has a rule that worship is to be done in the day itself. So he can worship on Abhijeet Nakshatra Auspicious time is an auspicious constellation.

At that time also you can get your desired result by worshiping. It means to say so many muhurtas have been told Now as your time turns out to be the right time, you by your religion in its traditional way Recite worship, this is what we pray to the Lord Have a good Diwali And this is my feeling for you to take the form of an idol.

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