MPSC Combine Question Papers with Answers 2021 PDF

MPSC combined question paper 2021 with answer

MPSC Combined Group B exam is scheduled to take place on 4th September 2021.

  • Prelims Exam Date: 4th September 2021
  • Vacancy: 806
  • Exam Conducting Body: Maharashtra Public Service Commission
  • Post: Police SI, State Tax Inspector; ASO

MPSC combine pre exam

MPSC combine pre-exam is scheduled between 10 am to 12 pm. we will upload the answer after 12 pm here in this article.


MPSC Combine Question Papers with Answers 2021 PDF

MPSC combine question papers with answers pdf

To Download MPSC combine question papers that help on 4 September 2021 click here

History Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. Granthottejak Mandali in Nashik
  2. From 1885 to 1915 was known as the uncoordinated king of Bombay
  3. Social Reform through Prathana Samaj
  4. The First Revolt of farmer take place on 12th May 1857
  5. Match the following Centres of the Revolt 1857
  6. The Demand for freedom for the colonies was like asking the moon
  7. The first Telegraph line was laid from
  8. Who form the following was in the forefront to unite the worker to form their association in 1857
  9. Under whose chairmanship did the Bombay Government establish the Railway Board
  10. Find the wrong pair
  11. Bengali girl in Calcutta in the year 1820
  12. Wahabi Movement
  13. Who from the following person helped Jyotiba Phule to run a Girl School in Pune
  14. Match the following Paramhansa Mata /Vichar Lahari etc
  15. The day Lokmanya Tilak passed away the same day Gandhiji launched a movement 
  16. Earliest to use algebra to solve Astronomical problems

Geography Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. As per the Indus water treaty 1960 between India and Pakistan, on which river water does India have absolute claim
  2. Best quality Iron ore
  3. Arrange the following Passes
  4. Saline and Alkaline soils are also known by another name
  5. Pench Tiger Reserve
  6. State having highest population of SC in India
  7. Arrange the following district to population density in Maharashtra
  8. What is the difference in Sex Ratio of Maharastra State
  9. Observe the following statement
  10. Darekasa Hill
  11. Population Density of Gadchiroli district
  12. Verul Cave/Chambar Cave/Chikhaldara Hill State/Gautala National Park
  13. Match the following Thermal Power Station with their district
  14. Arrange in sequence Ghats in Maharashtra
  15. In Tapi-Purna river Basin arrange in sequence
  16. Major Foodgrain crop production recorded as the highest growth 
  17. The method is used to determine the distance of different stars from the earth

Polity Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. NREGA was enacted in
  2. 103rd Constitutional Amendment
  3. Question on Constituent Assembly
  4. The preamble of the constitution
  5. Federal Structure by KC Where
  6. Question related to Gram Sabha
  7. Question related to Gram Panchayat
  8. Judicial Control over the administration 
  9. Punchhi Commission 
  10. Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan
  11. Public Account committee
  12. First Lokpal of India

Economy Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. Liability of Central Government
  2. FRBM Act
  3. The Share of Secondary sector in GDP in India
  4. Total Percentage of population in India below the poverty line in 2011-2012
  5. The objective of National Population Policy 2000
  6. The WTO agreement is based on which the following important principle
  7. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas yojana in 11th five year plan
  8. India’s Export earning in 2018-19
  9. Bharat Nirman Programme
  10. Payment Bank are
  11. Rangarajan Committee defined Poverty Line

General Science Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. Working of solar cell
  2. German Silver
  3. Crystalline solid has
  4. According to Moseley, the basis for the periodic arrangement of elements is 
  5. The five kingdoms under the classification
  6. The toxic substance responsible for chills and high fever
  7. African Sleeping Sickness
  8. Algae & Fungi are classified in which of the following
  9. Disease of Plant
  10. Biofertilizer is added in Rice fields
  11. The mechanism by bacteria becomes resistant
  12. Staphylococal food poisoning
  13. National Salmonella Phage Typing Centre

Current Affairs Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. Oxfam Report 2018
  2. In the last 72 years after freedom in our country, how many achieved honour Param Vir Chakra
  3. Ayushman Bharat Scheme
  4. Match the following UPI/AI/GeM/IoT
  5. Match the following Akhil Bhartiya Natya Sammelan
  6. E-Waste in 2019-19
  7. Queen Council of Queen of Britain
  8. Report by The Era of Rising Fintech
  9. Imprint-II
  10. Marathi Kaka was awarded 
  11. General Vice President of IODA
  12. ISRO will launch an unmanned campaign
  13. A government scheme for SC & Neo Buddhist class

Aptitude and reasoning Questions asked in MPSC Combined Exam 2021

  1. Select logical Column
  2. Select the pair of words or groups that fit in each of the sentences below
  3. Question on Cube
  4. The accompanying net is folded to get a cube
  5. Accompanying transparent sheet of paper X
  6. Passage
  7. Seating arrangement question
  8. Question on Assertion & Reason
  9. Question on Direction Test
  10. Question on Data Interpretation
  11. If the diameter of a circular track is 28m and there is a 7m wide road around the track
  12. Question on Man/ Day/ Work
  13. Question on Ratio Proportion
  14. Question on Ratio Proportion 5:6:8
  15. Question on Profit, Loss & Discount
  16. Question on Calendar
  17. Question on arrangement

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