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Think Like a Monk

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Think Like a Monk Review

Think like a Monk is one of the fewest books that can improve your life quickly without wasting your time like other books. the first step to build a happy life is to live according to what really matters to you do this by discovering you’re most important values. the way you discover what you truly value is by going within and asking yourself how would you like to live your life.

In order to listen to yourself clearly, you must turn down the volume of social media movie opinions and expectations because they are noise that interferes with your true inner voice. your actions are a reflection of what you really value. if you say you value kindness but you go ballistic. when someone doesn’t agree with your real value is being right not being kind monks have a set of higher values that will inevitably lead to a happy life.

Think Like a Monk Book Details

PDF NameThink Like a Monk
No. of Pages312
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Published/UpdatedJune 14, 2021

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty Book Content

Part-1: Let go,

  1. Identity
  2. Negativity
  3. Fear
  4. Intention

Part-2: Grow

  1. Purpose
  2. Routine
  3. The Mind
  4. Ego

Part-3: Give

  1. Gratitude
  2. Relationship
  3. Service

Think Like a Monk Book Summary

Think Like a Monk book is a story that illustrates the importance of breath when jay Shetty went to monk school in India. on his first day, he noticed a 10-year-old kid monk teaching a class to five-year-olds at the end of the class.   the ten-year-old kid tells jade that this was the first class for these five-year-old kids.   in the monk school and this 10-year-old kid asked jay what did you learn in his first day of school and jay said I learned alphabets and numbers.  

what did these kids learn from you in their first class and the 10-year-old kid replies,  they learned how to breathe and jay was a bit surprised so he said why and the ten-year-old kid replies that breath is the thing that lasts with you from the moment you’re born to the moment.   you die it is the only thing that lasts throughout your lifetime and then looks at the wisdom of this 10-year-old monk he asked jay when you get stressed what changes your breath.

when you get angry what changes your breath we feel every emotion through our breath our breath is so important so if we manage to navigate and manage our breath. we can learn to manage life and that is why in their first-class these five-year-old kids are learning how to breathe on the topic of values.

jay says that we live our lives trying to live up to the expectations of our parents or our family or friends or our teachers or the society. in general, our family, our friends, the media, the society are surrounded by voices telling us what we should do and who we should be but when we tune out all these obligations and opinions, and expectations of others.

it’s only then that we can hear our own inner voice. the only way to build a meaningful life is to filter out that noise and look within that is the first step towards building your monk mind look within to find out what are your values. our values are like ethical GPS that helps us navigate through life. it gives us directions towards which actions which habits and which people are the best for us speaking of people.

let’s talk about the next topic in the summary which is community it helps to build a community that reflects who you want to be. a community that reflects the future. you won’t ask yourself when I spend time with this person or this group. am I getting closer to who I want to be or further away I love? the 25/75 principle about the community that jay shares in this book.  

he says that for every negative person have three uplifting people in your life try to surround yourself with people who are better than you in some way maybe they’re happier maybe they’re more spiritual maybe they have better habits in life as in sports. being around better players pushes you to grow. make sure that at least 75 percent of your time is spent around people who inspire you,  

instead of bringing you down. there might be some people in your life whom you can only tolerate for one week or one day or even one hour maybe you also know a person who is a one minute person. so make sure that you do not exceed these time limits. when you’re spending time with such people when it comes to the people you love, don’t just spend time with them grow with them.

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Think Like a Monk online read

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Think Like a Monk audiobook

Think Like a Monk audiobook

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