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Download Priest Sierra Simone PDF. Priest is an enticing dark romance novel that explores forbidden desires and challenges the boundaries of faith. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:

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Plot Summary of Priest:

  • The story revolves around Tyler Bell, a priest who grapples with his sacred vows and the forbidden attraction he feels for an ex-stripper named Poppy Dansforth.
  • As a priest, Tyler is bound by rules he cannot break: he cannot marry, abandon his flock, or harm the trust placed in him by his parishioners.
  • However, when he meets Poppy, their intense connection threatens to shatter everything he believes in.


  • Forbidden Love: The central theme is the forbidden romance between Tyler and Poppy. Their passion defies societal norms and religious constraints.
  • Redemption: Can love redeem a man who has dedicated his life to the church? Tyler’s struggle with desire and duty forms the heart of the novel.
  • Sacrifice: Both characters face difficult choices—sacrificing love for duty or risking everything for a chance at happiness.


  • Tyler Bell: The conflicted priest torn between his faith and his feelings.
  • Poppy Dansforth: The alluring ex-stripper who challenges Tyler’s convictions.
  • Supporting Characters: The parishioners, fellow priests, and friends who add depth to the narrative.

Writing Style of Priest:

  • Sierra Simone’s prose is sensual, evocative, and emotionally charged.
  • Expect steamy scenes, intense dialogue, and thought-provoking reflections.

Remember, “Priest” is not just a romance; it’s a journey of self-discovery, passion, and sacrifice.

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Summary of Priest:

Tyler and Poppy’s forbidden romance unfolds against the backdrop of faith, temptation, and personal struggles. As they grapple with their feelings, they must confront the rules they cannot break. Sierra Simone masterfully weaves a tale that leaves readers both breathless and contemplative.

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Download Priest Sierra Simone PDF


1. How Old Are Tyler and Poppy in “Priest”?

Ans: Tyler Bell is 29 years old, but the exact age of Poppy Danforth is not specified. The age difference between them remains a mystery.

2. What Is the Book “Priest” About?

Ans: “Priest” is a full-length spicy romance that explores the forbidden attraction between a Catholic priest, Tyler Bell, and one of his new parishioners, Poppy Danforth.
The author’s note at the beginning sets the tone: “There is sex, more sex, and definitely some blasphemy (the fun kind). You’ve been warned.”
This is not your typical sweet religious love story; it’s a dirty, smutty ride that pushes boundaries.

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