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Download pdf of Agriculture Optional. These notes will help you in the upcoming UPSC exam. Paper 1 and Paper 2 syllabus of agriculture subject is covered in this agriculture optional notes.

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Agriculture Optional Notes PDF

Agriculture Optional notes important points

  1. Ecology: Some of the important topics from this section are environmental pollution, agro-ecosystem, and its impact on crop productivity. Questions from this topic are repeatedly asked in the exam. Hence, prepare standard answers, gather insightful data to enrich your answers as well as add value to the answer by drawing relevant pictures.
  2. Agronomy: Some of the important topics that are repeatedly asked from this section include cropping patterns in different agro-climatic zones of the country; Impact of high yielding and short-duration varieties on shifts in cropping patterns; and organic and precision farming.
  3. Soil science and nutrient management: Repeatedly, questions from certain topics like nitrogen-use efficiency in submerged rice soils; organic constituents of soil; saline, and alkaline soils (problematic soil) are asked. Hence, prepare them well and refer multiple resources to form a resourceful answer!
  4. Soil and water conservation: A large part of the syllabus is similar to the syllabus of GS-II. Hence, you can use similar resources to answer the questions asked in this section. Largely, questions from soil erosion are asked. Prepare and practice relevant drawings to get some extra marks.
  5. Agriculture economics & agriculture economics: Mostly, current-affairs based questions are asked from this section, hence keep a tab on monthly current affairs. Make notes from relevant editorials as well as magazine articles to add important points to the answers asked from this section.
  6. Cell biology: If you’ve done your graduation from Agriculture, then this will be the easiest section to cover in Agriculture optional syllabus. Use your graduation notes to cover this section as extremely easy and static questions are asked from this topic.
  7. Plant breeding and Plant physiology: Some of the books that you may refer to cover this section includes Fundamentals of Plant Physiology’ by VK Jain or ‘Plant Physiology’ by Sinha and Pandey and ‘Plant Breeding Principles and Methods’ by BD Singh or ‘Essentials of Plant Breeding’ by Phundan Singh.
  8. Seed production and technology: This is one of the easiest sections in the syllabus and current affairs based questions are asked from it. Hence, make specific notes from newspapers and magazine articles for covering this section.
  9. Food production and nutrition management: The syllabus for this section again overlaps with GS-III paper. Hence, similar practices may be used to ace this section. Repeated questions from topics like nutrition deficiencies and protein malnutrition are asked. Include important examples and supplement your answer with insightful data.

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