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Download The Old Man and the Sea By American Author Ernest Hemingway. The Old Man and the Sea have received Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (1953) and Nobel Prize in Literature (1954).

The Old Man and the Sea is the story of Santiago, a Cuban fisherman who struggles with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream off the coast of Cuba.

The Old Man and the Sea Theme

The Old Man and the Sea is a short novel written by the American lost generation author Ernest Hemingway in 1951 and published in 1952. This is a captivating fiction story about a man named Santiago and his adventure when one day, he goes on a fishing journey to catch the big one. However, this adventure quickly becomes one of pain and suffering when things take a turn for the worse.

Suffering and struggle work as both a strength and weakness in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago suffers terribly throughout the story. In the opening pages of the book, Santiago the old fisherman has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish and has become the laughingstock of his small village. Santiago suffers a lot to capture a great marlin. Physical suffering is present throughout Santiago’s journey to catch the great marlin but he tries not to lose.

Santiago’s careful and disciplined approach to everything in life is emphasized throughout the novel, More than anything else, Santiago has an enduring pride, which he expresses most clearly in the moments he realizes that more sharks are coming to eat the great marlin he has caught. He says, “A man can be destroyed but not defeated”—that is, a true man will fight to the death if needed, but he will never give up. Santiago is a man fighting against defeat.

Santiago and Manolin are very close friends despite their age difference. In fact, the age difference plays an important role in their relationship. also in the novel, there is a profound exploration of humankind’s relationship with nature. The sea, in the novel, represents life and Santiago’s isolation in the universe.

There is a scene in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago dreams of lions on the beaches of Africa, The lions symbolize Santiago’s lost youth, as well as lions, also symbolize Santiago’s affinity with nature. Now that Santiago is no longer young, and has lost his friends, family, and strength, he sees the lions only in his dreams.

The Old Man and the Sea resembles a Christian parable in many ways. Its protagonist, the fisherman Santiago, seems to exemplify Christian virtues, and the narrative clearly and repeatedly connects his trials at sea to Christ’s suffering on the cross.

Even though Santiago experiences pain and suffering, he reminds himself of a hero.

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The Old Man and the Sea Book Details

Book NameThe Old Man and the Sea
AuthorErnest Hemingway
Book Size400 KB
Download LinkLink Available
the old man and the sea pdf

The Old Man and the Sea Summary

This is a story about an old fisherman, who is on somewhat of an unlucky streak. the only other fisherman who still believes in him is a young boy. who has helped him fish in the past the boy often takes care of the old man. who lives in a shack and often goes hungry.

The old man goes out as he does every day and tosses his line over the edge of the boat. he waits until something sharp pulls on the line. the fish is so strong that it begins to pull the boat the fish is resilient and continues to pull the boat further and further through the night.

On the second day, the old man realizes he needs food and catches a dolphin which he eats on the third day. he finally outlast the fish and harpoons him. he drags the Marlin to the side of the boat and is happy with his catch. however, he has to defend his catch against the slew of sharks. he manages to kill several sharks but by the time he makes it back to town.

The Marlin is nothing but bones exhausted. he barely makes it back to his shack where he’s greeted by the boy. while other authors have dealt with man against nature.

This story concentrates on that theme through its length as well as its narrative Hemingway often puts the reader in the line of the old man with dialogue but also internal monologue his members that the old man is crazy, but it also reveals his emotions as he battles the fish over three days this, of course, sets up the tragic ending where he’s left to fight off the Sharks. for his prized catch that nearly took his life.

I think I spent three days I would see and nothing to show for it when he got back the ending is somewhat questionable as well the old man is still poor but the boy and the other fisherman have a newfound respect for him. you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but he still may be able to impress you.

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Ans: you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks but he still may be able to impress you.

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