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Download The Little Prince Book PDF. The little prince(la petit prince)By Nghia. It is fantastically so cool how The Little Prince written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry started from an incredible book and slowly transformed into an amazing animated movie. At the little girl’s new house in the year 2015 in her small bedroom by the clear small window, she was reading pages and pages of a short narrative about an interesting adventure that she never read before. With love, courage and imagination come one of the best-animated films ever made. The message behind the adventurous animated movie tells us that we should care for nature and each other.

The Little Prince Book Plot

Inside the little girl’s incredible imagination she slowly imagines the young little prince and the paper-like surroundings, day by day the young little prince found a seed and started to plant it on an empty planet. As the girl imagine the little prince she decided to try and look for him herself. As the narrator Jeff Bridges did a magnificent job with this movie, It must have been hard for him when he has to also be the voice of the pilot as well. Since the little girl couldn’t enter werth academy, her mum decided to move houses to a home that is in werth academy‘s school zone, so in the next few days, they had moved houses into a white,2 story bright colored house next to a cool, creepy 3-4story house that kinda looks like a tree to me.

She had 54 days until she was able to start going to school so her mum started a life plan for her(a piece of cardboard with magnitudes and sticky notes on it that had all her plans for all of the 54 days until she start at the new school) but she chose to not fallow the boring and strict life plan and hang out with the crazy old man next door. One important part that you should watch out for when your watch the movie is the part where she is getting the plane ready to go to find the little prince. To summarise the problem the little girl set off in the red plane and eventually she found the little prince in this city with only gown up doing work/their job, and there he was on a boring rusty old roof doing his janitor job and he didn’t look like he was having any fun.

The Little Prince The Cast

Rachel McAdams as the voice actor of the mum did fantastically well that I as the audience thought so myself while watching the movie. Other voice actors worth noticing are 1. The voice of the little girl was so incredible that I didn’t know it was Mackenzie Foy’s famous voice, her voice is just perfect as the little girl’s. 2. The young pilot/wired old man that lives next to the little girl’s house is such a hard voice to act but it’s still well acted by a person named Jeff Bridges. Paul Rudd is the voice of Mr prince while Riley Osborne is the voice of the little prince, both abnormally incredibly fantastic. There was no overall problem at all, there was the only great voice acting/actors.

The Little Prince Cinematography

There were lots of climatic effects in this unbelievable movie but I’m only mentioning the 3 best climatic effects that I think is the best,1. The best climatic effect is when the girl entered her interesting imagination as she was reading the short narrative (story).2. The second best effect was when the little prince started to plant the rose and all the other flowers and trees started to grow.3. The least good effect is the part when the amazingly beautiful butterfly was flying then the little girl and the old man went slow mode to have a look at the butterfly.

The Little Prince The bottom line

Fantastically drawn and animated, the little prince is one of the best-animated films yet and that everyone of all ages should see more than once in their life. All cartoon fans or collectors or people that want to see an action movie shouldn’t miss a cool case to see this cool and interesting animated cartoon. When You have finished watching the little prince you may like another film that are directed by Mark Osborne himself.

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I Will Teach You to Be Rich Book Details

Book NameThe Little Prince
AuthorAntoine de Saint-Exupéry
Book Pages89 Pages
Book Size1 MB
Download LinkLink Available

Download The Little Prince Book PDF

The Little Prince Book Contents

  1. we are introduced to the narrator, a pilot, and his ideas about grown-ups
  2. the narrator crashes in the desert and makes the acquaintance of the little prince
  3. the narrator learns more about from where the little prince came
  4. the narrator speculates as to which asteroid from which the little prince came
  5. we are warned as to the dangers of the baobabs.
  6. the little prince and the narrator talk about sunsets
  7. the narrator learns about the secret of the little prince’s life
  8. the rose arrives at the little prince’s planet
  9. the little prince leaves his planet
  10. the little prince visits the king
  11. the little prince visits the conceited man
  12. the little prince visits the tippler
  13. the little prince visits the businessman
  14. the little prince visits the lamplighter
  15. the little prince visits the geographer
  16. the narrator discusses the Earth’s lamplighters
  17. the little prince goes looking for men and meets a flower
  18. the little prince climbs a mountain range
  19. the little prince climbs a mountain range
  20. the little prince discovers a garden of roses
  21. the little prince befriends the fox
  22. the little prince encounters a railway switchman
  23. the little prince encounters a merchant
  24. the narrator and the little prince, thirsty, hunt for a well in the desert
  25. finding a well, the narrator and the little prince discuss his return to his planet
  26. the little prince converses with the snake; the little prince consoles the narrator; the little prince returns to his planet
  27. the narrator’s afterthoughts

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The Little Prince Movie

The Little Prince is an animated adventure drama film directed by Mark Osborne and it is based on this book.

The Little Prince Movie Cast

  • Jeff Bridges as The Aviator(voice)
  • Mackenzie Foy as The Little Girl(voice)
  • Rachel McAdams as The Mother(voice)
  • Marion Cotillard as The Rose(voice)
  • Riley Osborne as The Little Prince(voice)
  • James Franco as The Fox(voice)
  • Bud Cort as The King(voice)
  • Benicio Del Toro as The Snake(voice)
  • Ricky Gervais as The Conceited Man(voice)
  • Albert Brooks as The Businessman(voice)
  • Paul Rudd as Mr. Prince(voice)
  • Paul Giamatti as The Academy Teacher(voice)
  • Jeffy Branion as The Policeman(voice)(as Jeff Branion)
  • Jacquie Barnbrook as The Nurse(voice)…
  • Marcel Bridges as The Concerned Neighbor(voice)
  • André Dussollier as The Aviator(French version)(voice)
  • Florence Foresti as The Mother(French version)(voice)
  • Vincent Cassel as The Fox(French version)(voice)

Download The Little Prince Book PDF

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