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The new border security authorities will put powerful new tools in the border security toolbox of any administration willing to secure the border. It will also setreal limits on the current administration to stop the abuse of parole and prevent our nation from ever having 10,000 people a day crossing illegally or a record month like December 2023 again.

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Creates a new mandatory Border Emergency Authority that will protect our nation from having another month like September, October, November, or December 2023, when more than 10,000 people a day cross the southern border.
The new Border Emergency Authority is even stronger than the Title 42 Authority used during the Trump Administration because it also includes new legal consequences for anyone who tries to return after being deported.

Nomoremassive caravans of migrants flow over the border day after day.
Allows law enforcement in America to control the border, not the criminal cartels in Mexico.
Changes the default when the border is overrun from releasing everyone into the country to deporting everyone out of the country. When the average number of crossings exceeds 5,000 people a week (which it has every week but once in the past four months) everyone crossing illegally every day is rapidly deported out of the country without an asylum screening. In the past four months, almost a million people have crossed our border. If this law had been in place four months ago, all of them would have been deported out of the country, rather than released into the country.

When the border closes, it stays closed and everyone is deported every day until the number of people crossing illegally drops. Once the number of encounters drops, the border continues to stay closed for up to an additional two weeks to continue to drive the numbers down; It closes the border when we exceed our capacity to detain and deport so no one is released into the US because of the crowd.


  • Provides $ 650 million to build and reinforce miles and miles of new border wall.
  • It also withholds the majority of the wall money to be used during the next administration.


  • Under current law, a criminal alien could wait or more years in the asylum backlog before being denied and sent home.
  • Rather than allowing these criminal aliens to be caught, released, and remain at large in theUS this bill will deny and deport these criminal aliens immediately after crossing the border.


  • Increases Border Patrol recruitment and streamlines hiring.
  • Funding for more ICEAgents and ICE detention beds.
  • Funding for effective mandatory monitoring.
  • Funding for ICE removal operations (flights and buses back home).
  • Uses direct-hire procedures to increase ICE deportation officers and enforcement and removal
  • personnel to ensure that illegal immigrants can be quickly repatriated to their home countries.
Senate Border Bill PDF 2024

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