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“My Body is Growing” is a children’s book that explores the wonder and excitement of the growth and development process. Written by Anneke Lisberg and illustrated by Maria Aragona, this book is an engaging and informative resource for children and parents alike.

The book follows the journey of a young child as they grow and change, from infancy to childhood and beyond. Each page features colorful and whimsical illustrations that capture the joy and curiosity of childhood, while also highlighting the various stages of physical and emotional development.

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Book NameMy Body is Growing
AuthorDagmar Geisler
Book Size2 MB
Download LinkLink Available

Through playful rhymes and simple language, the book introduces young readers to the different parts of the body and their functions, as well as the various milestones of growth and development. From learning to crawl and walk, to the growth of teeth and hair, to the onset of puberty and beyond, “My Body is Growing” celebrates the incredible capabilities of the human body and the marvels of the growth process.

In addition to its educational content, the book also offers a message of self-acceptance and body positivity. The child in the story is shown embracing their body as it changes and grows, and is encouraged to appreciate the unique qualities that make them who they are.

Overall, “My Body is Growing” is a delightful and engaging book that celebrates the wonder and magic of childhood growth and development. With its playful illustrations and informative content, it is a great resource for parents and educators who want to teach children about the human body and the joys of growing up.

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