(PDF) They Say I Say 5th edition PDF Book by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein

Download They Say I Say 5th edition PDF. This hey Say I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. it will help students in their academic studies.

The concept of They Say/I Say is that a writer needs to put their own opinions (I Say) in context with what others have written on this topic (They Say).

“Like a Swiss army knife for academic writing, ‘They Say / I Say’ has long served as a multipurpose tool for students learning how to make the ‘moves’ that are second nature to more experienced writers.

The fifth edition adds several useful implements to the knife, including new chapters with practical, how-to advice on revision and inquiry-driven research.”

—Steven Bailey, Central Michigan Universit

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They Say I Say 5th edition PDF Book Details

Book NameThey Say I Say 5th edition PDF
AuthorGerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein
Book Size6 MB
Download LinkLink Available


“But as Several Sources Suggest”: Research as Conversation. This new chapter, written with the help of a librarian and social scientist Erin Ackerman, focuses on the research essay, as it is traditionally called, and on research writing more broadly.

It suggests that the research paper is not just about amassing information, as is often assumed, but also about entering into conversation with other researchers.

They Say I Say 5th edition PDF

With a variety of templates and examples from academic writing, the chapter offers advice on such issues as how to craft a good research question (spoiler alert: it’s one that can be debated), how to find relevant sources, how to synthesize sources into a common conversation, and how to locate online sources that are reliable and credible.

The chapter concludes with an annotated student essay that shows how the advice we offer might look in a final piece of writing.
“What I Really Want to Say Is . . .”: Revising Substantially.

This new chapter takes on one of the more formidable challenges faced by college students: how to move beyond superficial revision and improve composition in a genuinely substantial way. It presents revision not as a matter of simply correcting spelling or moving a sentence or two but as a
process students can use to discover what it is they really want to say.

More specifically, the chapter encourages students to reread their writing with an eye to whether, for instance, they have accurately represented their sources, inadvertently contradicted themselves or lost their train of thought, or included “uh-oh” moments, as we refer to them, that are out of step with their larger intentions and aims.

New Exercises. Each main chapter (Chapters 1–15) now includes three exercises, which give students an opportunity to apply the chapter’s advice. Instructors can either use these exercises for in-class work or assign them as homework. Many exercises include a short passage for reading and writing
practice and also prompt students to join conversations on theysayiblog.com.

New Student Writing. This edition now includes three student essays in their entirety that model the moves taught in this book. Written from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and documented in MLA or APA style, these essays complement the chapters on writing in the disciplines. Annotated and shaded in gray, they can be found in the new Chapter 15 and the Readings section.

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