(PDF) They Both Die at the End PDF By Adam Silvera

Download They Both Die at the End PDF Book By Adam Silvera. They Both Die at the End is the story of two teenage boys, Mateo and Rufus, who know that they only have one day left to live.

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Book Details

Book NameThey Both Die at the End PDF
AuthorAdam Silvera
Publication DateSeptember 5, 2017
Pages262 Pages
Book Size2.18 MB
Download LinkLink Available

Characters of They Both Die at the End

  1. Mateo Torrez – is a shy, skinny, and socially anxious boy who has spent the majority of his life staying inside.
  2. Rufus Emeterio – a black street-smart foster child with a troubled past.
  3. Lidia Vargas – Mateo’s best friend and the mother of his goddaughter Penny. Lidia lost her boyfriend Christian a year ago after he received a Death-Cast call. Penny is their daughter.
  4. Mateo Torrez Sr. – Mateo’s father has been in a coma for two weeks.
  5. The Plutos – the collective name for the group that is from the same foster home. The Plutos consist of Rufus, his two closest friends, Malcolm Anthony and Tagoe Hayes, and his ex-girlfriend Aimee DuBois.
  6. Patrick “Peck” Gavin – Aimee’s new boyfriend who has a vendetta against Rufus.
  7. Delilah Gray – is a reporter who receives a call from Death-Cast but is convinced it is a prank set up by her fiancé Victor who works at the company.
  8. Andrea Donahue – the Death-Cast herald responsible for informing Mateo of his death.
  9. Kendrick O’Connell and Damien Rivas – members of Peck’s gang.
  10. Howie Maldonado – is a famous actor who receives a call from Death-Cast and meets with Delilah for a final interview.
  11. Vin Pearce – a Decker and former boxer who was prevented from competing due to genetic muscle disease.
  12. Deirdre Clayton – is an employee at Make-A-Moment who has tried to take her own life multiple times before, even when she hadn’t gotten the alert, however, she decides against suicide when she sees Mateo and Rufus.
  13. Zoe Landon – a Decker who spends her End Day with Gabriella, a girl she met on the Last Friend app.
  14. Dalma Young – the creator of the Last Friend app.
  15. Aimee DuBois Rufus’ ex-girlfriend and a member of the Plutos
  16. Malcolm Anthony Rufus’ best friend and a member of the Plutos
They Both Die at the End PDF

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