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The Fifth Window Russell Thornton

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A New York TikToker, claiming to have psychic powers, is creating fresh demand for a 22-year-old book published in Saskatoon.

Marni Webb posted a TikTok video about a dream where a man asked her “Is the fifth window open?”

In the video, viewed more than three million times, Webb said she Googled the phrase and discovered a book of poetry called The Fifth Window.

Webb said she became intrigued in the book when she struggled to access it. Some of Webb’s followers theorized there was a conspiracy behind why the book was difficult to find.

“Turns out it’s only available in academic settings like Yale and Harvard’s library,” the TikToker says in the video.

Webb said she could only find a copy in the New York Public Library in the reserved section.

“I think the fact that I couldn’t have immediate access to this book, made me want it more,” Webb told CTV News from Brooklyn.

The Fifth Window Book is open?

The Fifth Window was one of Thornton’s first publications. He said he never expected one of his oldest books to get reprinted.

“To hear that there are orders for it, it’s really nice on a personal level. But it’s equally nice on a communal level. It’s very hard to get attention for Canadian poetry,” Thornton said.

The Vancouver author mailed Webb one of his personal copies of the book, which she recorded herself opening in another TikTok video.

“There were two poems that really connected to me because it was something I had written about years ago when I was younger, also based on a dream,” Webb told CTV News.

“There were just too many coincidences.”

More copies of The Fifth Window are set to be available in March.

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The Fifth Window Russell Thornton pdf Details

Book NameThe Fifth Window Book
AuthorRussell Thornton
Pages80 Pages
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FAQ About The Fifth Window

1. Who is the author of The Fifth Window?

Ans: Russell Thornton is the author of the Fifth Window.

2. What is The Fifth Window Book is about?

Ans: This book is a metaphysical book about awakening to 5D consciousness, and realizing we are all one with everything.

3. Is the fifth window open?

Ans: Yes is the fifth window is open.

4. Why all are talking about The Fifth Window Book?

Ans: The Fifth Window comes in one of the New York TikToker’s Dream.

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