(PDF) Indian Economy P.Y.Q’s trend from 2013-2022.

Download Indian Economy P.Y.Q’s trend from 2013-2022. Last 5 Years: Average of around 14+ Questions asked!

Note: In Recent times, mostly Conceptual & Application based Q. are asked!

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 Indian Economy P.Y.Q's trend from 2013-2022.

Indian Economy P.Y.Q’s trend

The trend of Indian Economy questions in UPSC Prelims and Mains from 2013 to 2022 has been diverse and dynamic. However, some of the recurring themes and topics that have been asked in the past decade are:

  1. Economic Development and Growth: Questions related to the economic development and growth of India have been frequently asked. Topics covered under this theme include GDP, GNP, per capita income, poverty alleviation, unemployment, inflation, and economic planning.
  2. Sectors of the Economy: The Indian economy is a mixed economy, and questions related to different sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, and service sector have been asked. Questions related to industrial policy, foreign investment, public-private partnerships, and economic reforms have also been asked.
  3. Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Fiscal and monetary policies are essential tools used by the government to manage the economy. Questions related to the budget, taxation, subsidies, public debt, inflation control, RBI, and monetary policy have been asked.
  4. International Trade and Balance of Payment: India is an integral part of the global economy, and questions related to international trade, balance of payments, WTO, IMF, and World Bank have been asked.
  5. Social and Welfare Schemes: India is a developing country, and the government has implemented various social and welfare schemes to uplift the standard of living of the people. Questions related to schemes like MGNREGA, PM-KISAN, Ayushman Bharat, and Ujjwala Yojana have been asked.
  6. Infrastructure Development: Infrastructure development is crucial for the economic growth of any country. Questions related to infrastructure development in India, including topics like transport, power, and communication, have been asked.
  7. Environment and Sustainable Development: Sustainable development is a crucial aspect of economic growth, and questions related to environmental degradation, climate change, and sustainable development have been asked.

Overall, the trend of Indian Economy questions in UPSC Prelims and Mains from 2013 to 2022 has been varied and multidimensional, covering various aspects of the Indian economy. Candidates should prepare thoroughly and have a clear understanding of the economic concepts and their practical application in the Indian context.

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Download Indian Economy P.Y.Q’s trend

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