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Looking for Lyrics of Lingashtakam in English? we have provided the Lyrics in English. if you want to understand the meaning of the lyrics the word “Lingashtakam” itself translates to “eight verses on the Linga,” hinting at its structure of eight beautiful verses. The Lingashtakam is a revered hymn in Hinduism dedicated to Lord Shiva, often worshipped in the form of the Shiva Linga. The word “Lingashtakam” itself translates to “eight verses on the Linga,” hinting at its structure of eight beautiful verses. These verses not only glorify Lord Shiva but also offer a glimpse into the symbolism and significance of the Shiva Linga.pen_spark.

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brahmamurāri surārchita liṅgaṃ
nirmalabhāsita śōbhita liṅgam ।
janmaja duḥkha vināśaka liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 1 ॥

dēvamuni pravarārchita liṅgaṃ
kāmadahana karuṇākara liṅgam ।
rāvaṇa darpa vināśana liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 2 ॥

sarva sugandha sulēpita liṅgaṃ
buddhi vivardhana kāraṇa liṅgam ।
siddha surāsura vandita liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 3 ॥

kanaka mahāmaṇi bhūṣita liṅgaṃ
phaṇipati vēṣṭita śōbhita liṅgam ।
dakṣasuyajña vināśana liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 4 ॥

kuṅkuma chandana lēpita liṅgaṃ
paṅkaja hāra suśōbhita liṅgam ।
sañchita pāpa vināśana liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 5 ॥

dēvagaṇārchita sēvita liṅgaṃ
bhāvai-rbhaktibhirēva cha liṅgam ।
dinakara kōṭi prabhākara liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 6 ॥

aṣṭadaḻōparivēṣṭita liṅgaṃ
sarvasamudbhava kāraṇa liṅgam ।
aṣṭadaridra vināśana liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 7 ॥

suraguru suravara pūjita liṅgaṃ
suravana puṣpa sadārchita liṅgam ।
parātparaṃ (paramapadaṃ) paramātmaka liṅgaṃ
tatpraṇamāmi sadāśiva liṅgam ॥ 8 ॥

liṅgāṣṭakamidaṃ puṇyaṃ yaḥ paṭhēśśiva sannidhau ।
śivalōkamavāpnōti śivēna saha mōdatē ॥

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Delving into the lyrics

The lyrics of the Lingashtakam are composed in Sanskrit, a rich and ancient language. Each verse celebrates a distinct aspect of the Shiva Linga. Here’s a breakdown of some key elements:

  • Adoration by Deities: The opening verses revere the Linga as worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu, and other Gods. This establishes the Linga’s supreme position.
  • Destroyer of Sorrows: The Linga is praised for its ability to alleviate the sufferings associated with birth and life itself.
  • Bestower of Boons: Some verses describe the Linga as fulfilling desires and showering compassion upon devotees.
  • Symbolism and Power: The Linga is depicted as adorned with various elements, each carrying a deeper meaning. For instance, gold and gems represent prosperity, while the serpent coiled around the Linga signifies transformation.
  • Destroyer of Evil: The Linga is also portrayed as a powerful force capable of destroying negativity, as seen in the reference to Daksha’s sacrifice.

Finding the Lingashtakam Lyrics

The Lingashtakam’s popularity has led to its widespread availability. You can find the lyrics in various forms:

  • Sanskrit with Translations: Many websites and publications offer the original Sanskrit verses alongside translations in English or other languages.
  • English Transliteration: Websites dedicated to Sanskrit pronunciation provide the transliteration of the lyrics in Roman characters, making it easier for those unfamiliar with Sanskrit to recite the hymn.
  • Recordings and Audio Versions: Online resources and devotional apps offer recordings of the Lingashtakam, allowing you to listen and chant along.

Beyond the Lyrics: Significance of the Lingashtakam

The Lingashtakam transcends mere lyrics. It serves as a powerful tool for:

  • Devotional Practice: Chanting the Lingashtakam is a popular way for devotees to express their devotion to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.
  • Meditation: The verses can be used for meditation, focusing on the imagery and symbolism associated with the Linga.
  • Understanding Shiva: By contemplating the lyrics, one gains a deeper understanding of Lord Shiva’s multifaceted nature and his role in the universe.
Lyrics of Lingashtakam in English Lates Free Pdf 2024

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Download Lyrics of Lingashtakam in English

The Lingashtakam is a beautiful and meaningful hymn that celebrates the glory of Lord Shiva. By exploring its lyrics and significance, you can embark on a deeper journey of devotion and self-discovery.pen_sparktunesharemore_vert

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