Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces by PETER ROWE pdf Download

Get the pdf of Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces book written by PETER ROWE.

Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces book attempts to consider those aspects of human rights law which may become relevant to the activities of armed forces whether they remain in barracks, undertake training, or are deployed in military operations within their own State or outside it. In particular, it considers, from a human rights perspective, the position of members of those armed forces and those with whom they will come into contact during some form of the military operation.

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Book Contents

  1. Human rights within the context of members of armed forces
    1. Human rights in the armed forces
    2. The volunteer soldier
    3. The conscript soldier
    4. Non-nationals as members of the armed forces
    5. Ethnic minorities as members of the armed forces
    6. Women members of the armed forces
    7. Individuals with disabilities
    8. Child soldiers
  2. The human rights of members of the armed forces
    1. The right to life
    2. Torture, degrading, or inhumane treatment
    3. Deprivation of liberty
    4. Right to privacy
    5. Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
    6. Freedom of assembly and association
    7. Freedom of expression
    8. The soldier’s human rights during wartime
  3. Human rights and the disciplinary process
    1. What is mlitary discipline?
    2. Armed forces subject to a disciplinary system under
    3. international law
    4. The influence of human rights on the disciplinary systems of the armed forces
  4. Civilians before military courts
    1. What is a military court?
    2. The theoretical basis for the trial of civilians by military courts
    1. within their own State
    2. Trial of civilians who are nationals by a military court abroad
    3. The trial of civilians by military court in time of an international
    4. armed conflict
  5. Human rights and international armed conflict
    1. Are human rights treaties applicable during an international armed conflict?
    2. The role of national law
    3. Applying human rights treaties during an international armed conflict
    4. Amnesty
  6. Human rights, non-international armed conflict and civil disorder
    1. The legal effects of a non-international armed conflict
    2. The role of national law
    3. The right to life
    4. Torture, inhuman or degrading treatment
    5. The right to liberty
    6. Right to a fair trial
    7. Destruction of property
    8. Movement of individuals
    9. The position of the rebels
    10. Disorder not amounting to an armed conflict within a State
    11. Other situations
    12. Amnesty
  7. Human rights during multinational operations
    1. International law applicable to a national contingent
    2. Liability of the state when its armed forces are part
    3. of a multinational contingent
    4. The killing of an attacker
    5. A civilian in the hands of the foreign armed forces
    6. Have soldiers a duty to intervene?
    7. Humanitarian missions
    8. Derogations
Impact of Human Rights Law on Armed Forces

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