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Download A Court of Silver Flames PDF. A Court of Silver Flames follows Nesta and Cassian as they deal with the blazing fire between them while they face their haunting pasts, battle monsters, and find acceptance and healing in each other’s arms, amidst battle and betrayal.

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A Court of Silver Flames Book Details

Book NameA Court of Silver Flames PDF
AuthorSarah J. Maas
Book Size8.60 MB
Download LinkLink Available

A Court of Silver Flames Review

I loved it, but I’m not about to turn a blind eye to the problematic portrayals in this book either. This isn’t the best book of the ACOTAR series, but it’s not the worst either.

Nesta’s journey of healing. Beautiful.

Her relationship with the House. Perfection.

Her banter with Cassian. Hilarious.

A Court of Silver Flames PDF

I loved it when she told Elain to ‘f—k off.’ I know it was a bonding moment (as the readers know), but it was a real jaw-dropper. Elain needed to be told that. I also love how Feyre and Nesta bonded in this book.

Azriel’s gift at Solstice and Cassian’s too for that matter. They were so thoughtful, I melted. (We finally found what was gifted last Starfall!)

Her love for dancing and the whole scene in the Court of Nightmares. I’m a sucker for power. And the whole scene was just her commanding the attention of the crowd without even trying. Loved it. So so much.

The ‘Climb the mountain’ chapters were awesome.

Nesta and Emerie and Gywn—I think I like them as much as the Inner Circle now. (No wait, I love so much them more)

Feysand baby. 🙂

The smut was graphic. 10-15 pages less wouldn’t have made a difference, but… SJM warned us. What elsewhere are we expecting?

What I disliked: (SPOILERS AGAIN)

The fact that Nesta did in fact cross the wall to search for Feyre was never brought up. She tried and she failed… but at least she tried. This was never brought up… instead she was portrayed as someone who let her sister meet her doom. Sure, she was idle, but she was the only one who actually put in an effort to search for Feyre even when Elain and her father forgot her.

The Fees and pregnancy complications. Are you honestly telling me in a land where lactic acid is a known fact, C-section isn’t? Okay… maybe, just maybe it isn’t… I can roll with that, but that’s not the only issue.

Rhys keeps the pregnancy risk a secret from Feyre. Then threatening Nesta on top of that? In real life, this would never happen. It’s NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. It’s unfair to the mother to not be told the risk of delivery. And blaming Nesta for telling what needs to be told? Unacceptable. This sends the wrong message out into the world. Women need to remember they have a right to their medical knowledge without their family making choices for them.

Mor saying people like Nesta belonged in the Court of Nightmares. She doesn’t even know what Nesta had been through because of Tomas. How can she accuse her like that? And for Nesta to just listen and not defend herself… unacceptable.

I loved Rhys. I did, but this book although attempts to glorify him throws him in a bad light. What was meant to come across as protective became possessive? Romantic became borderline dumb. The whole “If you die, I die” situation was so numbingly stupid. In life that doesn’t really work. When you’re in a relationship like marriage, it’s not just about the two of you. Of course, there will be children, even if one passes away, the other is responsible for the child. Did the 500 yrs old High Lord of the Night Court never even consider that when he married a 21-year-old girl? This promise was supposed to come off as romantic, but it only showed how young and naive Feyre still is.

Nesta Archeron though just became the best-ever version of herself. So, thank you, Sarah J. Maas.

A Court of Silver Flames Some Content

The black water nipping at her thrashing heels was freezing.
Not the bite of winter chill, or even the burn of solid ice, but something colder. Deeper.
The cold of the gaps between stars, the cold of a world before light. The cold of hell—true hell, she realized as she bucked against the strong hands trying to shove her into that Cauldron.

True hell, because that was Elain lying on the stone floor with the red-haired, one-eyed Fae male hovering over her. Because those were pointed ears poking through her sister’s sodden gold-brown hair, and an immortal glow radiating from Elain’s fair skin.

True hell—worse than the inky depths mere inches from her toes. Put her under, the hard-faced Fae king ordered.
And the sound of that voice, the voice of the male who had done this to Elain …
She knew she was going into the Cauldron. Knew she would lose this fight.

Knew no one was coming to save her: not sobbing Feyre, not Feyre’s gagged former lover, not her devastated new mate. Not Cassian, broken and bleeding on the floor. The warrior was still trying to rise on trembling arms. To reach her.
The King of Hybern—he had done this. To Elain. To Cassian. And to her.
The icy water bit into the soles of her feet.
It was a kiss of venom, a death so permanent that every inch of her roared in defiance.
She was going in—but she would not go gently.

The water gripped her ankles with phantom talons, tugging her down.
She twisted, wrenching her arm free from the guard who held it.
And Nesta Archeron pointed. One finger—at the King of Hybern.
A death-promise. A target market.

Hands shoved her into the water’s waiting claws.
Nesta laughed at the fear that crept into the king’s eyes just before the water devoured her whole.

In the beginning And in the end, There was Darkness And nothing more
She did not feel the cold as she sank into a sea that had no bottom, no horizon, no surface. But she felt the burning.
Immortality was not a serene youth.
It was the fire.

It was molten ore poured into her veins, boiling her human blood until it was nothing but steam, forging her brittle bones until they were fresh steel.
And when she opened her mouth to scream, when the pain ripped her very self in two, there was no sound. There was nothing in this place but darkness and agony and power—
They would pay. All of them.

Starting with this Cauldron.
Starting now.
She tore into the darkness with talons and teeth. Rent and cleaved and shredded.
And the dark eternity around her shuddered. Bucked. Thrashed.
She laughed as it recoiled. Laughed around the mouthful of raw power she ripped out and swallowed whole; laughed at the fistfuls of eternity she shoved into her heart, her veins.

The Cauldron struggled like a bird under a cat’s paw. She refused to relent.
Everything it had stolen from her, from Elain, she would take from it.
Wrapped in black eternity, Nesta and the Cauldron twined, burning through the darkness like a newborn star.

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